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May 11, 2000 | 1:00 AM EST - Jawad

'IndoMania' has sent some beautiful pictures from the film. Some of them have been seen in the trailer while others are never before seen. Click on them to see larger versions.

May 09, 2000 | 9:25 AM EST - Jawad

ET Tonight aired a special behind the scene look at 'Dinosaur' which also featured some great new scenes along with behind the scene footage. Click below to download it. If you can submit a mirror please send it to Thanks to 'Kevin.'

ET Dinosaur Footage (9.4 MB MPG)
Thanks to Subzero.Org
ET Dinosaur Footage (Mirror)
Thanks to EverythingCelebrity

The latest issue of NewsWeek has Dinosaur on the cover and has some great new pics and a great feature. I should have the pics some time tomorrow. For now click on the image to read the article.

May 06, 2000 | 1:25 PM EST - Jawad

Starlog - features some great new shots and on a pullout poster. Below are two of 6 pictures that will be posted in the upcoming days. Click on them to see larger version.

April 21, 2000 | 8:55 PM EST - Jawad

High Quality Pictures - Last month, Disney released the publicity shots of 'Dinosaur.' Today we have the high resolution shots of those very images. These shots are amazing looking. Click on the thumbnail to see larger versions.

March 16, 2000 | 2:08 PM CST - moggy

Animation Artist Magazine has scored an exclusive on the soundtrack of the film. Disney Records have told them that it will be released 2.5 weeks before the film release date, May 2, 2000. The soundtrack will not have any songs, just background original score. The magazine also reports that "There are also eight Dinosaur-inspired songs on the Song Factory product, but none of them are by Kate Bush."

March 06, 2000 | 6:57 PM CST - moggy

The Showest Convention started today - the big media convention for Hollywood - and, of course, images are trickling out unto the Internet as we speak. In relevance to this site, two images from "Dinosaur" were posted on today which can be found below. Enjoy.