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About the Site

In a joint venture with and Stay Tooned, we present to you the upcoming Disney film of epic proportions, "Dinosaur." Evan Backes, the webmaster of Stay Tooned has agreed to work on Cinemenium as the Animation Editor for all the Fan-Sites that are of animated related media. This will possibly include the future "Titan A.E." or "Osmosis Jones" films as future fan-sites exclusively on Both Cinemenium and Stay Tooned are excited to be able to join their talents into creating some great fan-sites.

About the Webmaster

Evan Backes, the webmaster of the "Dinosaur" fan-site, as well as one of the most comprehensive animation websites on the Internet: Stay Tooned. For the past few years I've worked on Stay Tooned to cover the news-related aspects of all mediums of animation and have recently put together the last incarnation of Stay Tooned to include all sorts of media-driven entertainment. I also write a column for ANiMATO Magazine where I take an exclusive look at the independent animation scene.

If you're interested to see what other work I've done, take a look at my portfolio.