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For years, fans have been digging for any scrap of information regarding Disney's infamous $200 million project, but not until the first months of 2000 has the final plot line been spelled out. We eventually find out this is a lackluster story similar to that of "The Lion King." Nonetheless, below is the spolier-free synopsis.

Based in the Cretaceous period, the film follows the life of a dinosaur named Adalar from egg to adulthood after he losses his family. He is raised by a family of lemurs and when disaster strikes (aka asteriod), Adalar re-unites with his kin and saves them using knowledge he gained from the lemurs.

If you would like a spoiler-full synopsis, click here to open up a pop-up window with all the dreaded details!

May 19, 2000

June ??, 2000

If anyone has additional release dates from anywhere in the world, please contact me.

- Voice Cast -
D.B. Sweeney as Aladar
Juliana Marguiles as ??
Joan Plowright as ??
Kiefer Sutherland as ??
Samuel E. Wright as ??
Della Reese as ??
Ossie Davis as ??
Hayden Panettiere as ??

- Production Crew -

Eric Leighton - Director Pam Marsden - Producer
Barker Bloodworth - Co-Producer Marty Katz - Co-Producer
Ralph Zondag - CG Supervisor James Newton Howard - Score