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As of now, there are no existing "official" reviews except for the few test screening reviews which are commented on below. This is widely because Disney is being fairly secretive regarding their latest film. While other films are screened throughout the world during the months before its release, there has been no word of such an event. However, the short reviews (opinions) we do have available are test screenings way back from 1999 when maybe 50% of the film was in rough form. Expect lots of reviews running through here during late April and the month of May.

Test Screening | 06.09.99 | Originally posted on AICN

"Let me start off with saying the visual splendor of what was completed was spectacular. Standout scenes that had been finished included that initial scene following the path of the dinosaur egg from nest to the jungle (as I believe has been mentioned by those who have seen that footage), the comet impact, and the climactic battle with the carnosaur. Visually, Disney really has something on its hands...this really got me excited to see both "Toy Story 2" and "Fantasia," which will supposedly have raised the bar for this film. Imagine the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park (as they impacted all of us in the original), but with the personality of typical Disney characters. The eyes will be in for a treat when this is finally released. This is the first time CGI has been used so extensively and used to such realistic effect in a Disney film, though the story in this film is much less engaging than either "Toy Story" or 'A Bug's Life.'"

"First, in what ways did this story succeed? I must credit Disney for employing some unconventional points, from often just letting the simple beauty of the environment overtake the viewer without feeling pressured to having the characters speak (some of the scenes are reminiscent, ironically, of the "Rites of Spring" sequence in the original "Fantasia," but updated for the CGI age) to having no song numbers nor mustache-stroking, Alan Rickman-voiced villian (the mute, savage carnosaur comes closest). However, the storyline that does exist seems too conventional for a film that is supposed, and at times, does feel revolutionary. What exists is a hodgepodge of previously proven Disney successes, from shades of "The Jungle Book" to heavy strokes of "The Lion King." As always, Disney tempers its innovation with the disappointingly trite."

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