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Recent Attack Affects Final Fantasy 09.17.2001
The recent attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has caused the film industry to change many things.  Movie theaters have even been hesitant to show Final Fantasy since it shows a version of New York.
New Pics 07.12.2001
More than 50 new pics are available in the 'media' section here.  They are new shots from the film and are also available in both regular and hi res versions!
Look Closer 04.23.2001
You can now check out the 'media' section for reposted versions of the trailer images.  The images are in much better quality and now also have a 'hi-res' version of each in a bigger size and in the best quality possible!  This is thanks to Craig Guiboche over at Poster Image Archive who has provided us the images!

But wait, there's more!  Craig has also been kind enough to help us out with an exclusive full screen version of the trailer!  You can now download the trailer in 640x480 QuickTime format and view it full screen!  And it's only available in our 'downloads' area!  So, check it out, enjoy and stay tuned for more on this site soon to come!

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Site Release 04.20.2001
With the film less than 3 months away from its release, we introduce our 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within' website.  At this time when the film is nearing completion and as more media is being released, we will be featuring the latest information on it and its production.  We currently have movie information and where it's being produced in our 'film' section, character pictures in our 'players' section, shots from the theatrical trailer and new banner images in our 'media' section, the newest trailer and wallpaper available in our 'downloads' section, a 'forum' for fans to talk about the film, a 'store' with all things related to 'Final Fantasy' including its past games, and 'links' to other informative websites on the movie.

So it looks like we're off to a pretty good start, but believe us, it's just the beginning!

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Look Closer
Site Release