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The Games:
Final Fantasy IX (Playstation)

Brahne, the evil Queen of Alexandria, is using highly advanced magical weapons to terrorize neighboring kingdoms. Players follow a group of bandits, knights, and magicians as they try to foil her plans. The heroes quickly learn that her wicked doings are part of a much larger plot, and as they progress, they learn about the sinister motives of a powerful sorcerer named Kuja.

Final Fantasy VIII (Playstation)

I've been a Final Fantasy fan ever since the day the Nintendo Power strategy guide first arrived in my mailbox. Poring over the pages, I just knew that I had to play this game, to live in this other world. Heroes and villains, magic and mystery, epic quests and noble causes were all waiting to unfurl before my eyes. And ever since I vanquished Chaos, I've been hooked. Each of the English games has been analyzed, replayed, and studied as if it were a sacred text - and I'd be lying if I didn't... - GameSpot Review, read more...

Final Fantasy VIII (PC)

With its tremendous success, it's not surprising that Squaresoft and Electronic Arts have ported the mammoth Sony PlayStation role-playing game, Final Fantasy 8, to the personal computer. However, current personal-computer hardware obliterates the PlayStation's capabilities; although Final Fantasy 8 offers hours and hours of addictive role playing, its game-play graphics and sound effects aren't up to par with the PC's best. - Review, read more...

Final Fantasy VII (Playstation)

Never before have technology, playability, and narrative combined as well as in Final Fantasy VII. The culmination of Square Soft's monumental effort is a game that will enrich just as it will entertain. Yet, for all the boundless praise it so rightfully deserves, Final Fantasy VII is not without its shortcomings and occasional design problems. These are enough to make some gamers (who are unfamiliar with RPGs, to be sure) wonder just why anyone would bother playing through it in the first... - GameSpot Review, read more...

Final Fantasy VII (PC)

The enormous Playstation console smash hit Final Fantasy VII makes a successful debut on the personal computer, converted beautifully by designers Squaresoft and Eidos Interactive. Gamers familiar with Squaresoft's popular Final Fantasy series should have little trouble grasping the seventh title's action-packed, role-playing game play. However, Final Fantasy VII's excellent documentation and intuitive controls ensure that beginners won't feel overwhelmed. - Review, read more...

Final Fantasy Anthology (Playstation)

When Square re-released classic SNES Final Fantasy titles for the PlayStation in Japan, the more cynical minded accused the company of milking its core franchise; after all, the titles were repackaged with negligible gameplay enhancements and extras. But when Square announced the US release of Final Fantasy V and VI - combined as Final Fantasy Anthology - well, that's a horse of a different color, isn't it? After all, the series didn't hit it big in the US until Final Fantasy VII, and many... - GameSpot Review, read more...

The Videos:
Final Fantasy: The Anime Boxed Set

I happen to be a big fan of the Final Fantasy game series, and this is a perfect movie translation. The movie is based on FF5 (I've never played it, but it looks cool). I don't know how they managed to put a LONG game into a two hour movie, but they did, and they did very well. If you like Japanese Animation movies, or are a fan of the game series, this is a fantastic choice. - Customer Review

Final Fantasy: The Anime Vol. 1

This movie is REALLY cool! I say that for both of them, even though I'm only reviewing one. I'd have to anyway, because they both equal out as one whole movie. It's pretty funny much of the time; not serious like FFVIII or FFVI. I like how they connected it to FF5, so that it has some relation to Final Fantasy. Otherwise, the only thing FF about it would be the title. All in all, if you are an FF fan, or just an Anime fan, I recommend it. - Customer Review

Final Fantasy: The Anime Vol. 2

It blew me away with the graphics and the sound from the stereo and you have to play the games to understand the movie!!! - Customer Review



The Games
The Videos