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May 23, 2000:
  Cinescape received three separate M:I-2 reviews.  They are all (surprising) possitive and they don't include big spoilers.  Here are the links to review one, two, and three.

May 20, 2000:
  This upcoming Monday (May 22), Tom Cruise will be on the Rosie O'Donnell Show to promote M:I-2.  The interview will last the full hour as Cruise will be her only guest.  The interview will be on location from the studio where the movie was filmed.  Thanks to Matt for the news.
  VG˛ Movies went to the M:I-2 Premiere in L.A at the Mann Chinese Theater. They have M:I-2 Review and MI2 Premiere Photos!   Check it out!!

May 18, 2000:
  Tom Cruise will be promoting M:I-2 on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight, 11:35 p.m eastern. And on sunday at 5:00 p.m eastern TBS is showing an exclusive program called "Cruise Control".
  Thanks to Michael for the news.

May 17, 2000:
  A new M:I-2 clip appeared on the net.  It's a clip of the incredibel car chase scene between Cruise and Newton.  The clip is courtesy of AStyle Entertainment and it's in Quicktime format   (about 19.5 Mb).  Click here to view the movie or click here for direct download.

May 16, 2000: and Kodak are proud to present a Live Webcast from the premiere of M:I-2.  All join on May 18 at 6:15 pm Pacific Time.  You may expect interviews from the red carpet and exclusive footage from the Paramount after party.  Click here for more info.

May 11, 2000:
  Here's some M:I-2 promoting news.  Tom Cruise and John Woo are planning to go to Tokyo on June 6 for promoting M:I-2, off course.  They will join a press conference and the M:I-2 premiere in Tokyo.  The film will be released in Japan early June.  Thanks to Ajyuli for the news.

May 11, 2000:
  Tuesday night, 'The Metallica MI2 Music Video' was shown on TV and our Multimedia Administrator was able digitize it for you. The file is 21.9 MB in size and is in MPEG. If anyone can provide links please contact Jawad at Thanks.

Metallica MI2 Music Video (21.9 MB MPG)

May 09, 2000:
  Yesterday Entertainment Tonight aired a special interview with Tom Cruise along with cool new scenes. Below is the file that our Multimedia Adminsitrator 'Kevin' digitized. Only 17 days to go.

ET Footage-Mission Impossible 2 (9.61 MB MPG)

May 06, 2000:

  There's a new M:I-2  trailer on tv which is very cool and it had rated PG-13 at the end.  But there's 1 bad thing, they only show it on tv in the USA at this moment.  It's a shorter trailer than the other 2 but it includes some new shots from the film.  Come back later, maybe we'll have the trailer here on the site to download.

May 03, 2000:
  The official M:I-2 site has been updated with some more stiff like some new stills together with such sections as an international release date schedule.
  Also new are 2 reviews of the film.  There was a screening of M:I-2 last Sunday night in a Chicago suburb.  Coming Attactions received 2 reviews.  Click here to read them.   You will have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to spot them.

April 22, 2000:
  Entertainment Tonight will show a Behind-The-Scenes look of M:I-2 on Monday night (April 24).  The Behind-The-Scenes look will start around 7:30 pm Eastern time.  Don't miss it!

April 20, 2000:
  Today is a good day ... for M:I-2 fans!  Here's why:  Yahoo Movies! posted a BIG scoop today.   They have the first official publicity shots of M:I-2 on the net.  There are 5 new shots but I believe that the last one isn't very new.  Click here to view the 5 shots.  And also: IGN Movies could get  a copy of the script and posted a review on it.  Click here to go to the script review.
  Thanks to Dark Horizons for the news.

April 19, 2000:
  Dark Horizons posted today that Paramount is not planning to test screen the new M:I-2 film because it's only 1 month to go untill the film comes out and if they would do it, they would've done it by now.   And The BenDavid's MI2 Site posted some more info about the re-editing of M:I-2 with Stuart Baird.

April 17, 2000:
  Here's some great info on the soundtrack of the M:I-2 movie!  Here under you see the complete list of the album that will be out in stores on May 9.   Don't forget this important day!
  Source: Dark Horizons

"Alone" - Buckcherry & Hans Zimmer
"Backwards" - Ulrich Wild
"Carnival" - Tori Amos
"Going Down" - Godsmack
"Have a Cigar" - Foo Fighters & Brian May
"I Disappear" - Metallica
"Immune" - Tinfed
"Kharma" - Diffuser
"Mission 2000" - Chris Cornell
"My Kinda Scene" - Powderfinger
"Nyah" - Heitor Pereira & Hans Zimmer
"Rocket Science" - The Pimps
"Scum of the Earth" - Rob Zombie
"Take a Look Around" - Limp Bizkit
"They Came In" - Butthole Surfers
"What U Lookin' At" - Uncle Kracker


April 14, 2000:
  Entertainment Tonight is giving away some M:I-2 posters!  Don't miss this opportunity and go to this page right here.  You can submit to it as often as you want, but only 1 time each day.   There are only 35 posters for only 35 lucky people.  Good luck!!

April 13, 2000:
  Finally some new M:I-2 news! BenDavid (view his MI2 fansite here)  just talked to someone from the production to find out the latest.  Stuart Baird has come in to work with Woo on a new edit of the film, they needed to add a voice over here and there and trim the film a bit.  Seems Woo has noticed a few minor plot holes regarding the placement of the chemical weapon during the film.  Woo said Baird is "intense and focused" and he really enjoys working with a fellow director on the edit.

March 30, 2000:
  The new Metallica song "I Disappear" that will also be on the M:I-2 soundtrack is now availabel to download in mp3 format.  You can download it HERE, or you can CLICK HERE for direct download.

March 27, 2000:
  I have not good news for the Cruise fans.  Tom Cruise was nominated for actor in a supporting role for his work in "Magnolia".  But unfortunately, that Oscar went to Michael Caine for his performance in "The Cider House Rules".
  But here's some good news!!  You can now download the new M:I-2 song by L!mpBizK!t in mp3 format.  You can download it on this page HERE, or you can CLICK HERE for direct download.

March 26, 2000:
  Here's some interesting news!  A M:I-2 fan reported that in "Film Score Monthly" they wrote that the Hans Zimmer composed soundtrack will hit stores on April 25th.  This is obviously one of two since
we already know of the Metallica, Limp Bizkit, etc. one. Tankfully they know what a legendary composer Zimmer is and are releasing his stuff early. This was a very small printed thing which is why no one really picked up on it.
  btw: Don't forget to watch the Oscars tonight because Tom Cruise is nominated for best Actor in a Supporting Role!

March 20, 2000:
  Cool!!   The official M:I-2 site has been updated with off-line tools that are accessable to all visitors.  That means that you don't have to be an Agent to view the tools.   Those new off-line tools are Desktop Images and a Screensaver.  Now go to the official M:I-2 site and download them!

March 17, 2000:
  Limp Bizkit's - front man Fred Durst - talked with MTV News about his ideas for the video clip to the song his band created for M:I-2, which is a reworked version of the original theme. Durst wants Tom Cruise in the clip. The band performing the song to Cruise who at first remains unaffected but by the end have him "dancing like 'Risky Business". Tom currently has a very busy schedule so whether he'll be available or not is still not known.
  Other bands on the album will be: Metallica with "I Disappear" - Rob Zombie with "Scum of the Earth" - Chavelle with "Point #1" - and a Foo Fighters/Brian May collaboration cover of Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar". It hits record stores early May.
   Thanks to Dark Horizons for the news.

March 16, 2000:
  Coming Attractions earlier reported that Rob Zombie and Metallica will have a song on MI:2 soundtrack. Both Zombie and Metallica have confirmed the report. Click here to visit Rob Zombie website and here for Metallica.

March 09, 2000:
  The new M:I-2 Trailer is online!!
Aint it Cool, Coming Attractions, and Dark Horizons were the first who had the honor to announce the new M:I-2 trailer.  Now you can Download it here: Mission: Impossible 2 Trailer and you can choose from 3 different sizes.  Cinemenium will try to bring you more and exclusive news plus updates from M:I-2 very soon!

Trailer:  (Quicktime 4.0)  for direct download:

- High resolution (480x204 pixels - 2min 5sec - 17.9Mb)
- Medium resolution (320x136 pixels - 2min 5sec - 9.6Mb)
- Low Resolution (240x104 pixels - 2min 5sec - 4.6Mb)

  Here are already 24 screens of the new trailer, click to enlarge:

March 09, 2000:

  A very reliable source reported me some facts of the M:I-2 story.  These are definite SPOILERS!  Click here to read the spoilers:

March 08, 2000:
  Are you interested in the first review of the MI2 screenplay?  Yes?  Well, then here's some good news.  STAX from Flixburg U.S.A. has it for you.  Check it out now, but beware!  You might find some  SPOILERS!

March 08, 2000: (Second Update: ET FOOTAGE)
Six hours ago, Entertainment Tonight showed new footage from MI2 which will be on the full trailer that is to premiere on AICN, DH and CA this Thursday. We were able to get some screencaptures from the Entertainment Tonight Special Preview of the Trailer along with the clip that aired. The file is in mpeg and is 16MB (mpeg) in size due to its screen dimensions. If you are having problems downloading, let us know.Thanks goes to 'Kevin' who has devoted lot of his time to Cinemenium Multimedia Department.

Mission Impossible 2 ET Footage Preview
(16 MB MPEG)

March 06, 2000:
The new trailer is coming very soon!! Aint it Cool, Coming Attractions, and Dark Horizons have been selected by Paramount to world premiere the new trailer online this Thursday, that's 1 day before it premieres on the official site and in theatres.   So don't forget this important event!  Maybe we will have some screenshots of the new trailer by friday or maybe Thursday night.

February 24, 2000:
Director John Woo sat down with interviewer Fred Benudis for French film site Invites Animateurs and did an 8.5 minute long interview about MI2. He once again confirmed that the rumours of the studio rejecting a rought cut of the film were completely false, and in fact besides one "read through" with Paramount head Sherry Lansing there was almost no involvement on the studio's part. The delays in shooting in Australia were put down to bad weather, more specifically a lot of rain during the times they wanted to shoot outdoors. The issue of the D.O.P. being rehired was covered though Woo seemed a little uncomfortable discussing it, but then things picked up again and left us with the surprising impression that besides being an action/suspense movie it's the love story at the film's center that's the key. To check out the interview in RealVideo just click here.

February 18, 2000:
Finally some new M:I 2 news, not about the production but the official Mission: Impossible 2 site has been updated.   New to the site are multi languages and there's also some cool stuff like a screensaver and wallpaper that only only registered users can access so head over and "become an agent".

February 08, 2000:
While the title track (ie. which means the key song promoted the most in regards to the movie - NOT the actual movie theme) for the film internationally will be from 'Limp Bizkit', as mentioned before their song won't be released as a single in the US. So who will have that honor on the domestic front? Metallica seems to be the winner. Metallica.Com reports the heavy metal band are recording an as-yet-untitled track for the film scheduled to begin airing on radio in mid-April, and will be the first 'single' from the album to be released in the US. The soundtrack of the film itself is expected out early May. Thanks to Dark Horizons for the news.

February 07, 2000:
Whoops, The trailer which aired in front of certain copies of "Scream 3" was unfortunately the same teaser that's been out for a while. There's no word on when a full trailer will be out but logic dictates it will have to be sometime relatively soon, probably in March. In the meantime, here's some news  about the current status of the production: John Woo just showed the rough cut to Paramount who like it a lot. Woo is now sending it back to trim a few scenes to shorten the length, and test screenings will begin very soon.  Thanks to Dark Horizons for the scoop.

February 04, 2000:
DotMusic reported that the post-grunge rock/hip-hop sounds of the band, who is probably best known for their recent cover of George Michael's "Faith" song, have been confirmed to record the theme track for MI2. The band was up against eight other major acts and won out partly because they're the favorite of lead actor/producer Tom Cruise. The track will be released as a single internationally in the next few months, but not in the US. Reasoning? Execs fear it would take the heat off the band's massively successful album 'Significant Other', not to mention the controversy surrounding the band itself who've just recorded a music video for their song "Break Stuff" which was singled out as the catalyst for the rioting at last year's Woodstock festival.

February 03, 2000:
Dark Horizons posted some really cool news:  'Snoobs' has a message which is short, sharp and will cause Tom Cruise & John Woo fans to run around their rooms screaming in hysterics. So here it is: "I'm a manager for a loews theatre, and we just got the new MI:2 trailer which we've been instructed to put on copies of Scream 3 this Friday". Bet you're ass the moment its online you'll be able to find links here.

January 28, 2000:
Get set to see more footage of Tom Cruise in action soon with confirmed word that the new full trailer for the film has just been cut, explains the plot a little more, and will be out in March. For those who can't wait, an MI:2 30-second promo is rumoured to be showing this weekend during the Superbowl. Meanwhile recent rumours of the studio want to severly edit and 'hack away' at certain scenes in the flick have now been confirmed as 100% bullshit by members in John Woo's camp. Source: BenDavid's MI2 Site

January 22, 2000:
  It seems that Director John Woo and Paramount Pictures are in a heated dispute over the final cut of "Mission Impossible 2". John Woo's "cut" runs 2 hours and 12 minutes and will almost certainly receive an R-rating. Paramount has insisted the he re-edit the film to receive a more "friendly" PG-13 rating. In an effort to appease their demands and prove to them that the film will not work that way he has cut an alternate 96 minute PG-13 version that is very lackluster. Currently, Cruise supports Woo's first cut (he longs to be considered more than a pretty boy; an action star) but the "producer" within him worries about the future of his potential franchise and how an R-rating may affect the box office of the film. Paramount is on the verge of taking the film out of Woo's hands and cutting their own 1 hour 55 minute PG-13 rated version.   Source: Ain't It Cool News

January 20, 2000:
An article appeared at that deals about the rumors on M:I2.  The article tells much about the production and delays of the film and also gives away some spoilers about the locations and all.  Very informative.

  Rumors have told that during the Super Bowl, which is being held January 30, there will be shown a short trailer (about 30 seconds) about the M:I2 movie.  This isn't confirmed yet.  If you know more about this or when you have some other info, please mail me.





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