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Welcome to the 'Downloads' section of the site. I'll be putting up media downloads such as audio samples, video clips, the script, soundtrack samples, and other media files when they become available in the future. So, keep checking back to this page to see if anything new is added!(I'll post an update on the main page of this site when ever I include something new on any of the pages)

Download the Perfect Storm Teaser! 

Real Player - 56k 100k 300k
Windows Media Player - 56k 100k 300k














-Like that tidal wave image? Why not download your own sample to use. (Click on your desired size)
For additional images and wallpapers, visit The Stephen King Wallpaper Gallery.

National Public Radio's, Talk of the Nation interviews author, Sebastian Junger in which he discusses The Perfect Storm book and weather in general. (1997)
Listen to the program on Real Player