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Caesar the leader of the great Ape rebellion in the previous movie, leads a band of humans and apes. His aim is to create a society where apes and humans can live in peace. He still somehow believes Apes are superior to men in spite of the fact he makes a human a teacher for apes and humans alike. His son is killed by Gorilla Aldo and Caesar has to lead his people against human adversaries while dealing with a Gorilla uprising for power within.
Lisa is Caesar's wife which he meets in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. Lisa serves as a calming voice of reason in Caesar's life. Her upbeat smile and care for her son Cornelius are a constant source of reassurance to Caesar who often doubts his own leadership abilities.
Caesar's son Cornelius, is an idealist that doesn't realize how far the gorillas will go to seize power. Gorilla General Aldo plans to seize weapons and young Caesar overhears everything and is hunted into a tree until he finally falls and dies. Cornelius was the first ape ever to be killed by another ape.
Virgil is the wisest Ape in Battle for the Planet of the Apes. He contemplates time travel and leads a scientific investigation group into an area of radiation with Caesar, and human McDonald. Virgil attempts to alert Cesar of the powers that Gorilla Aldo is asserting but Cesar worries about the life of his own son at the time. Virgil uses reason and logic to restore Caesar's confidence in the ideal of a society where man and Ape live together in peace.
MacDonald is the brother of the other MacDonald from the previous film who was an assistant to human Governor Breck who ran ape central. MacDonald speaks of a need for equality between apes and men and constantly runs to Caesar whenever the Gorillas threaten to do something bad to humans.
General Aldo the first Ape ever to say no to humans becomes the most power hungry ape in the entire Apes saga. Aldo kills leader Caesar's son when the son overhears his plans for revolt against Caesar. Aldo gives a great chant entailing how "Guns are Power, We Need Guns" to his fellow gorillas. Armed with that motivation Aldo's gorillas seize control of the weapon's arsenal's of their community and use the weapons to imprison humans and seize control before humans attack. Aldo is killed by Caesar for his treachery.
The Storyteller is the Ape that tells the story of Battle for the Planet of the Apes from a point far in the future. He tells of Caesar's struggles and how the future for Apes and Humans is not set. With a voice that resonates the power of the Ape story the storyteller ends his tale in the future in a world where a stature of Cesar and his ideals are still a goal to reach for.
Mutated Human
Mutated by Radiation, humans hide in a complex far from the Apes. Their leader was an assistant to Governor Breck who commanded Ape Central during the previous movie. The humans seem bent on eradicating the Apes and bringing them down to the level of life and misery that their member ranks must endure daily.