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Battle for the Planet of the Apes was the fifth and very last Planet of the Apes film made. This film had a definitive kiddie based appeal. The movie takes place in the future in a world where Apes and Men try to get along under the leadership of the Chimpanzee Ceasar. A rival group of humans also exists hiding in this world with modern weapons and know how. A clash between this group and the Apes with "domesticated" humans is innevitable. Gorillas attempt a military coup to take command but ultimately it fails. A Gorilla general kills Ceasar's son because he overheard some of the general's plans for the coup. The movie ends with Ceasar fighting this Ape. An Ape has killed an ape, which had never happened before. Apes were then proven to be capable of man's petty greeds, ambitions and jealousies that the first movie claimed were exclusively a thing of man.