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The second movie Beneath the Planet of the Apes takes place directly after the first. It begins with a new human astronaut arriving on the Ape planet in much the same fashion as Taylor (Charlton Heston) did before. This newcomer to the planet is named Brent. He finds Nova the female mate of Taylor and seeks to find out just what has happened to Taylor. Ultimately Brent and Nova stumble upon vast underground passageways. This is the dwelling of mutant humans who worship an atomic bomb and have incredible power over other human minds. These mutants refuse to fight or kill even in defense. But they do not hesitate to use their powers to force others to do this for them. Taylor is captured at this underground complex and forced to fight Brent. The mutant that forces them to fight is ultimately killed by a spike in the jail door. The Ape army is marching to this place beneath the city to destroy it. An atom bomb is being prepared for a most dramatic display or worship. As the missile slowly rises in the air the Apes try to pull it down with ropes at first but without much luck. Taylor attempts to stop the missile from firing and destroying the world but an Ape shoots him and he dies then so does the world.