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Now that you've read the book, checked the latest news, and seen some of the history of The Perfect Storm event, why not check out what went on behind the scenes? If you have any information or anything you'd like to contribute to the site, please feel free to send it in: ovi@cinemenium.com

I just thought I would post my experience on the set of the movie.

 I know a couple of extras and was
able to have breakfast in the makeshift "backstage." Walking into the old dock building, I was sure that I had dimply stumbled on a fisherman's party. The Hollywood version of our town will be a beautiful one. The fishing vessels set against the backdrop of the new Crow's Nest is quite breathtaking. Sitting and watching the extras play cards with the replica of Andrea Gail in the background was eerie. I thought back to the memorials of 1991. I wonder how many of the Warner brothers people have experienced the sadness of such a dramatic loss. Today they are here. Tomorrow they are gone. No burials, no closure. What is simply a story to Hollywood, is the fabric upon which Gloucester is built. How many have looked out to sea from our shore, hoping against hope. I sat with the make believe fisherman, looking at the make believe Andrea Gail and I felt the loss and survival of centuries. I am glad these men will be remembered. I hope that Hollywood does some justice for all who have "gone down to the sea in ships."" Vicki-lynn Brunskill

Hey, everybody smiiiiiiiilleeee...
This is a nice picture sent in by a reader of the site with a Mark Wahlberg sporting a New England Patriot cap and better yet,a beautiful girl. Could she hug him any harder??





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